Error running plugin


I’m working on a custom plugin and it’s been fine up until now. It seems like adding a second class I’m trying to use within the same plugin is causing a problem. I’m getting the following error in Xojo when trying to run my test program:

Explicit dependency pragmas must refer to classes or interfaces

I can’t find anything about this searching - anyone have any idea what this means?


do you have anything like #pragma line in plugin code or your project?

Hi Christian,

No, I don’t. I’ve simply declared two classes in the plugin code. it’s saying it’s coming from the classes .Get method - but there isn’t one that I’ve defined.

File: XFileTransfer
Location: XFileInfo.Get
Code: __ExplicitDependency


__ExplicitDependency is some code generated by Xojo for you.

Maybe you check your plugin declaration and comment out stuff until it works.

Okay - that’s kind of what I thought. I’ll report back here when I figure it out :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, as always!

Things like that could simply mean syntax error in your property or method definitions.

oh okay, that’s a good thing to check for too!

Ugh - my mistake. I defined an enum that overlapped with a built-in Xojo type and it caused this error (facepalm)

If you make new plugin, please consider to prefix/postfix all your stuff to avoid collision.
Like we do with MBS.

Please consider prefix because it’ll prevent drowning in autocomplete suggestions. :wink:

Both class names are prefixed with the letter X (because our product also starts with X) so that’s enough for our purposes. This is not something we are likely to make public (or if we do, I’d rename it) so I don’t know that it’s going to cause many issues as is.