Error "Renderer is trying to add multiple lines at once"

My web project that runs fine in RS 2012r2.1, gives a Runtime Error in 2019r1 (as well as in 2017r2):

Assertion failed: (*ptr != ’
’ && *ptr != ‘\r’, “Renderer is trying to add multiple lines at once”), function CompilationUnitAddLine, file Common/SpawnCompiler/SpawnCompilerInterface.cpp, line 783.

And when I try to report the error on the next launch of the IDE, i.e. where it says “This application encountered a problem the last time you ran it.”, clicking “Report Now” just leads to another “This application has encountered a fatal problem and must be shut down.” error msg, and when clicking “Report Now” on that, it says: “An exception of class IOException was not handled. The application must shut down.”. So, I cannot even report the error using Feedback. Launching manually does not show any prepared error for reporting, either.

I found a crash report, and that shows that Xojo used up 4.3 GB of memory. That’s quite high, IMO. My project isn’t that large. It has just two web page, and less than a 100 classes. And it builds fine (and within a few seconds) in 2012r2.1

Has anyone else seen this specific error and knows a solution?

Report is here: <>

Found the cause. It’s a source text that apparently had mixed line endings. I just had to do Select All, Copy, Paste and the issue was fixed. The trouble was locating the problematic function first. As usual, git and Arbed were the key to finding it quickly (i.e. within half an hour).

Make sure you set git to convert line endings to NATIVE so if you check things out on Windows you get Windows line endings and on a mac and linux you get proper unix line endings

Will save you a ton of grief like this

Norman, good advice.

That’s not the case here, though, because it’s a binary project :slight_smile:

BTW, I’ve seen similar text mess-ups with the Notes editor (in Real Studio - not sure if that also happens in the Xojo IDE). I’m sure other have seen that, too.

The more serious issue, IMO, is that I was not able to report the error because trying to report it resulted in yet another IDE crash.

there were cases like this in the older ide’s
they should have been sorted out