ERROR ITMS-90474 Invalid Bundle

My attempt to upload an ipa file to the App Store returned this error from Xcode.

The main file from the build downloads locally to my iPad via Xcode and seems to be fine. What is curious is that the main file is 284 Mbytes, the ipa only 40. Should they be similar in size? I am using the recent 2.1.

Check your pictures, on the Mac Photoshop likes to add resource forks which Sierra doesn’t appear to like.

Thank you, Sam. My .ipa file is now 10 Mbytes bigger, which seems good, although it is not yet getting any of my (hundreds of) animations.

The ITMS-90474 error I originally referenced actually complained about not having all four orientations. My app is landscape only, so I had turned off both portraits. If I turn them both back on, that error goes away in Application Loader.

I am, however, still left with an ITMS-90475 error saying that there is no launch story board in the bundle. I was originally missing some launch images, so the error then was 90476.

Sam, if you, or anyone else following this discussion, know why Xojo would successfully put animations in its main build bundle but not in the .ipa file, I would love some guidance.

Sorry I don’t, I’m coming from the Mac side where Apple is getting more and more fussy about code signing, so I thought it was worth a shot.

Would be nice if Apple could tell you at the time what the actual problem is, rather than giving you an error code.

The orientation error seems to be linked to multitasking.

Which entitlements have you selected?

Just ran into this same error when attempting to upload the ipa file. The fix seems to be to enable all 4 orientations for iPad or to use a plist setting UIRequiresFullScreen=Yes. I’ve already got a plist to do something else, can I just add this key-value pair to the plist I have?

Yes, you can just add the keyvalue pair, it works for me…

Had same problem with ITMS-90474 error on last couple of released versions of Xojo.


Workaround is to add the following Info.plist to your project:

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

UIRequiresFullScreen [/code]

That’s not necessarily a bug in Xojo, but rather Apple’s latest rules. If you limit iPad orientations, you have to opt out of multitasking/slide over to be accepted by Apple- which the UIRequiresFullScreen set to True will do. What you may want is a feature request to automatically opt out of these things when the iPad orientations are limited.

If you were start a project in Xojo (2106r2.1) and leave its defaults present, and populate all of its App Icons- I’ll bet you won’t see the error.

I see where you’re coming from @Travis Hill, but to me it feels like a bug as Xojo is not building an iOS app that can be submitted to the App Store, simply because I choose to use its selective orientations feature.

I realise that the problem arrises because Apple has moved the goal posts with regards to how it validates an iOS App binary, but this is why people like me use great tools like Xojo, so that details like these are addressed and all I have to worry about is building awesome stuff! :slight_smile: