Error in Class WIndow ?

The return of the weird…

Yosemite / Xojo 2015r1.

I’ve go the following error (watch the screen shot):

Static reference to instance method call this on an instance of class Window.

Changing the window name remove the error !

“by error” (but I do not know why), Xojo 2015r3.1 was launched. *
I open that project (after a computer shutdown folowed by hours of sleeping)

I’ve made some debugs, changes of names (the window name for example), etc.

Then, I had the idea to delete the offending window and add another one. To avoid re-creating the 15 objects (and the code), I’ve selected all controls from the window, add a brand new window, paste them.

Then I cleared the “offending” window, change the new window name to the one one used to show it, run and got a bunch of errors.

After some minutes, I saw all my 15 object name suffixed with a 1 ! Say PB_Toto1 instead of PB_Toto…

A close look in the Navigation pane show an ending 1 into all those 15 objects… Weird.

BTW: I know why Xijo does that , this is the same mechanism that is used in browsers, in the Finder to avoid deleting an already created file. (The Finder appens " - copy, sometimes; FireFox append (1), sometimes, and so on).

Now, I shutdown the newest Xojo version and fire back the one I have a license that allows me to build an application and…

  1. The append of 1 in the Control names is a bug: it does not happens with Xojo 2015r1.

  2. I copy / Paste the “offending” window contents into a brand new one (in a two times copy/paste operation) and the error disappears…

2.a. I selected all 15 objects from the old window and paste them into a brand new window,
2.b. I choosed the two objects from the Navigation pane (Methods, Notes) and Copy / Paste them into the new window.

No, I do not changed other properties fo that new window (notably the type to Floating Window, the placement, the Live Resize, Resizeable and Max/Min Buttons).

OK: I found theerror I’ve made that allows me to get the error message (between quotes far above): when I uncheckes some window properties, I checked one too far: Implicit instance to OFF [by pure error: you know, a clik too far… that happens sometimes :frowning: ).

Xojo 1,
Emile 1.



  • I know: I saved the project as xml, watch it on TextEdit in case I saw something, but I failed. I then double clicked in the xml project and that was how I got Xojo 2015r3.1.

PS: closed the xml project that allowed me to found the errors, I quit Xojo, trash the xml file, shut down my MacBook Pro, wait a minute or two.
Then, I power on the laptop, loads the original project with Xojo 2015r1, compile it, squash the error, compile back and see that… “all is quiet in the western front”. [Now I only have to add code to that window (beside some error checking already in the project).

BTW: one more thing; that window was placed in a Folder with a bunch of other windoids. I moved it from the Folder (in case that matters), and now I moved it to its original location (the place it belongs to).

Case closed (for me). Thank you for reading.