Error: implements event

I have just tried to run my web project and am getting the following error but I just cant see why or where to even begin to start looking as it just doesnt make sense. It has been working fine and has now just stopped working. Any suggestions?

Found the only solution was to delete the effected controls and recreate them, weird.

pbcancel looks like it is supposed to be a button, if that’s the case I’m not sure how it’s superclass could be a label.

Yeah I dont know why it got in a mess but deleting and recreating worked. Thanks.

I believe WELabel is a custom web control from Daniel Taylor. Is it possible that the WELabel class was removed from your project?

No it was still in the project and is used everywhere so I would have had the whole project in a mess. I even tried on the controls to set them back to Label so it wasnt using Daniels controls. It looks like it just got confused for some reason.