Error Building iOS Apps

I’m having trouble building iOS apps with Xojo 2016 Release 4.1 with Sierra. If I just start a new project and put a few buttons in the View and try to build it, I get the error:

Does anyone know why this maybe happening?

Sounds like it couldn’t find your signing certificate. Try deselecting it and deselecting your team in the iOS build target and check your app id.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for the reply. This is strange. In Code Signing, I change the Team to None and the project builds without the error. I change it back to my company name, it throws the error. Don’t know why that is happening.

Go to Xcode and redownload your certs. Sounds like something got out of sync.

Thanks Greg, Thats what I’m doing now. Thank you for your help.

Just got the same message, to fix that, go to Xcode and build and run an empty iOS project, run it on your device, Xcode will ask for an authorization to access the certificat (Answer always grant access)

After that Xojo will work flawlessly.

Thanks Sophie,

That worked great. I have been using an older machine to build my iOS apps, but now it seems we are back in business… Thanks to you. I appreciate it.