Error Building for the App Store


I’m getting the following error when I try to build for the App Store before I submit using Transporter:

Would any know what might be causing the problem? From the error, it looks like app-store-connect should be used instead of app-store. I expect that’s true, but I can’t imagine Xojo is using the wrong command.

Thanks for any help


That seems to be a warning but not the issue.

It looks like you have no profiles for your app.
Get Profile Triage app from this page

You will then see which profiles are outdated and need fixing.


Thanks very much Jeremie. I downloaded the app and, once I closed my eyes and skipped over the Malicious software warning :-), was presented with a list, which I’m struggling to understand. Do you know if I can get more information on the results somewhere or is it okay to put the screenshot up for public display?

Thanks very much again Jeremie. I plodded along with Greg’s Profile Triage (Thanks very much too Greg!) and deleted anything that was red, created and downloaded again. All sorted. :slight_smile: