Error 2003

Am i crazy?…

Xojo 2018 R1.1

My WebApplication does not connect to mysqlserver. I’m getting error 2003!!!

I tested the login/password using phpmyadmin AND on terminal. All up and running.
I rechecked all values bellow, 5 times! :wink:
What i’m doing wrong???


Public Property DB as MySQLCommunityServer


[code]DB = new MySQLCommunityServer

DB.Host = “
DB.DatabaseName = “girassol”
DB.UserName = “girassol”
DB.Password = “girassol”

if DB.Connect then

system.DebugLog(“Connected to database”)
DB.sqlExecute(“SET NAMES ‘utf8’”)


system.DebugLog(str(DB.ErrorCode) + " - " + DB.ErrorMessage)

end if[/code]

Could it be that you forgot to add the port (DB.Port = …)?

Also, make sure that MySQL is listening on

If your web app is running on that same server, host should be set to

[quote=425496:@Paul Sondervan]Could it be that you forgot to add the port (DB.Port = …)?[/quote]

I never use the port…

but i’ll try!

Login to the Server via shell and try “telnet 3306” you should get something like “Escape character is ‘^]’.” otherwise the mysql server is not listening on the interface, there is a firewall blocking or there is no routing.

mysql server is up and running

More info:

i can connect to any databases on my mysql thru terminal or navicat or phpmyadmin(hosted on same server)

I noticed i cannot access my databases within xojo anymore.
All my old projects cannot connect!

What’s going on?

I just restarted and the problem persists… I’ll download a fresh copy of Xojo!

Didn’t work! OMG!!!

Did you try to use the ip?


The problem was caused by last Mac OS X Security Update.
I installed the lastest version and it fixed. Now all previous xojo projects are connecting to database.


[quote=425744:@Alexandre Cunha]Fixed!

The problem was caused by last Mac OS X Security Update.
which macos are you on ?