Erroneous example for MemoryBlock

I tried to recompile my existing project for a small app that reads info from a DVD (titles etc.).

With 16R4.1 I got an error with the following code (copied from the language-reference)

 Dim mb As New MemoryBlock(b.Read(b.Length))

where b is an opened Binarystream.

Instead, MemoryBlock seems only to accept a length-argument.

I accidently used an old version of my code there, which I since modified to
a different form, which worked and could be recompiled without errors.

But the demo-code in the language reference is erroneous.

Have you added the Using clause for Xojo.Core?

I have updated the sample code on to make it more obvious that you should use the full class name (Xojo.Core.MemoryBlock).

You need to pay attention to which set of documentation you are reading - Classic Framework or New Framework.

Thanx Paul, Eli and Tim.

Good to know this distinction for future use.