Erratic ability to use menubar menuitems across windows

I have 3 windows, all set to use a specific menubar. When my app was launched, all of the menuitems on the menubar were disabled. I set the enabled property in the EnableMenuItems event handler of the main window — and that helped… sometimes. I have also set the main App to use the specific menubar I created, which also helped.

Typically I’d have to click on several of the windows until I found one that would finally display the menuitems as enabled and allow me to click on them.

Then I tried something else. I wrote a common routine that I then had the EnableMenuItems event handlers call for each Window. Now all of the menuitems show as enabled, in all three windows at all times. However, the menuitems actually only work some times. Again, I have to click around to bring forward the various windows until I find one that will finally allow the selected menu items to work.

I’d appreciate any insight you have.


Try to build a sample project that behave like that and share it.

This may help to get… help !

I think it goes like this…
If your menu is set to ‘Autoenable= ON’ then
If your window has a handler for the menu item, it will enable itself when that window has the focus.

Each individual window can disable the menus it doent want to handle in the EnableMenuItems event

Seems to be fixed by having only the system App have menus assigned and the putting all the menu handlers underneath it. Thanks for the suggestions.