Equivalent to unix touch

Having written a file to disk, I want to set its modification date. PHP provides the touch function, used thus:

$res = touch ($filename, $moddate);

Is there something equivalent in Xojo? I’ve poked around but not seen anything.

Which platform ? In Mac OS X you obviously can use a shell to run touch.

I want to do it from within the application.

A shell is in your application.
Dim sh as New Shell…


[quote=242148:@Michel Bujardet]See
Really sure that it is allowed to change the mod date on all file systems even on a remote server volume?

The only reliable touch is a file change. So open the file read the first byte, seek to start of the file and write that byte again. This works always when you have write permissions to the file.

The best way to make sure is to experiment, is it not ?

I suspect Xojo may not be able to change the date on a read only file either. Touch can.

In my case I will have written and closed the file moments before. The finishing “touch”, so to speak, will be to set its date.

Thanks all for responses.