Enttec DMX USB Pro

I’m trying to communicate with DMX USB Pro Enttec via serial port but :

  • Port usbserial-ENPSM6X0 opened successfully

  • I’m trying to read firmware value so I have to send

                   7E 03 00 00 E7 (in hex values)

the code is

dim msg as string
if Serial.WriteError then
TextArea.Text=TextArea1.Text+"Error : "+hexStr(msg)+Chr(13)
end if

but nothing happen, no responses …

It works with CoolTerm sending 7E 03 00 00 E7 in hex mode

If anyone have a solution …

Hi Guillame,

Without your setup on the bench I am not sure what is going on. But for starters, replace the chr(xxx) with chrB(xxx). chr will send unicode, while chrB sends just the bytes you want.
Hope this helps,
Tony Barry
Sydney, AUS

And you might send


so you can see youre matching

Yes !!! Thanks
my solution was “ChrB” and it’s works perfectly
Regards from France

Just got an Enttec DMX over ethernet and was wondering what kind of commands you can send, so far no luck