Entire App Bundle replaced?

Quick question on Mac App bundles. If you have a Xojo created App that is installed and then an updated version is issued, if you just install the new version into Applications, it will right over everything in the Bundle, right? The data is stored elsewhere under ApplicationSupport and we want that left alone and this is fine. but for the App bundle all the Xojo libs, framework resources, etc… gets replaced by what is in the new App bundle.

I think the answer is yes, just want to confirm. Thanks.


Thanks for the quick answer, Gavin.

With Codesigning, the entire Application Bundle must be replaced.

Yes, it is codesigned. Short commercial folks, I bought Ohanaware’s App Wrapper to help me with the codesigning. It is priced ridiculously low for what it does, a huge time saver. As one other user told me, walk don’t run and go get it.