Entering Method Parameters

I’m in Xojo, just added a new method, gave it a Method Name, and clicked down into the Parameters list, and want to enter some parameters…say, “s1 as String, n1 as Integer”. It works just fine if I enter the parameters just as I listed them here…one by one, with a comma separating the two parameters. I would have thought that after I entered the first parameter (“s1 as String”), I could just have pressed the RETURN key to enter the second parameter. But, the RETURN char didn’t work as expected. Is the right way to enter a list of parameters as one long line separated by commas, or am I missing a special keystroke?

The right way to enter a list of parameters is to enter them on one long line, separate by commas.

Thanks Paul. Good to know.

can you provide a sample?

a as integer,b as integer, c as integer=47

in this example… there are 3 integer variables defined, with “C” being “optional” and having a default value of 47 if not supplied by the calling process