Entering colors in the Inspector

A nice feature that is lost in Xojo and was available in RealBasic was the ability to enter colors in the inspector as hex. Now you have to go into the color selector and enter the 3 RGB values manually (at least 6 actions: 3 clicks, 3 editfields to enter for a custom color).

It would be a ‘bit’ better if:

  1. the color dialog opened immediately in the expanded view and you could enter the hex value as HTML code e.g.
  2. at least your custom colors were saved when the IDE was closed. (maybe with some ‘reset’ option?)

Note this is on Windows. I don’t know if you can on OSX.

Feedback case for the IDE not allowing hex entry for colours was raised in Feb.2013… No. 24412
It’s current status is reviewed - and has been since July.2013

I’ll take the blame for that one. I develop primarily on the Mac, where the system picker is much more useful, so I didn’t think twice about the current implementation. Despite using Windows daily, I’ve never needed to enter a color there, so I never noticed it was so plain. I should have.

Nothing I can do about it now though.

Release the hounds…