Endofline on IOS

Both of these cause compile errors in iOS (compiled on mac). I am trying to write to a canvas. Is there some other way to a Carriage return?

t = “AAA” + EndOfLine + “BBB”
t = “AAA” + EndOfLine.UNIX + “BBB”


For the record its a Line Feed :slight_smile:

I use Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(10), although Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(13) works fine.

Thank you very much. However, neither of these two suggestions seems to work. If I put t = “A” + (XX) + “B” (where (XX) represents the two suggestions above), I just see “A”. I decreased the font size to tiny in case too. And as mentioned originally, the Xojo reference material I originally tried does not work either.

Are there any other suggestions? Again, I am drawing on a canvas, so its like
g.drawtextline(t, x, y)

I suppose I can draw it manually at two different y values, but it seems there should be a proper line feed.

Use g.drawTextBlock if you want to draw several lines of text

Oh thanks so much! Merci beaucoup. That was the piece I was missing. (I have been away from Xojo for some years)