I am now noticing that EndOfLine.Macintosh, chr(13), and EndOfLine.macOS have two different values

macOS As String
The macOS line ending as of macOS 10.0, Chr(10).
This property is read-only.
This property is shared.

https://documentation.xojo.com/api/deprecated/deprecated_class_members/endofline.macintosh.htmlThe old-school (pre OS X era) Macintosh line ending, Chr(13). For current macOS use EndOfLine.Unix



Starting with 2013r1, EndOfLine returns Unix on all macOS apps.

macOS changed from carriage return (ASCII code 13) to line feed (ASCII code 10) when they switched from macOS 9 to macOS 10 and above. Given macOS 10 and above are built on a variety of BSD unix under the hood it makes sense to adopt the Unix standard.