This does not appear to exist. How, then, can I determine the length of EndOfLine? OK - I can set a string to EndOfLine and take the string’s length, but that seems a tad heavy.

NB: I tested and the length is 1 on macOS and 2 on Win7. So, not the same.

EndOfLine is a string, so can just use Len(EndOfLine)

On MacOS, lines always end in a linefeed only (ASCII 10). Windows uses carriage return (ASCII 13) + linefeed (ASCII 10)

However, you can read strings and then parse by EndOfLine.Windows and/or EndOfLine.Macintosh as needed. Ditto for when you’re creating strings.

well, that is a fixed lenght depending on the OS, like John says and all of that is on the documentation

EndOfLine is a method that returns a string. So while Len(EndOfLine) is valid, EndOfLine.Length is not.

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That it is a method is un-obvious since the doc describes it as a class and one can say such as EndOfline.unix.

Since my app is cross-platform, if I’m calculating a length I want to get the answer in a simple cross-platform way.

len(EndOfLine) does the trick and that’s good enough, so thanks for that.

Of course the IDE says len() is deprecated so go figure.

See blog post: All about EndOfLine

EndOfLine returns an EndOfLine Object, which can convert to string.
For newer version they could add a Length method there.



for non-deprecated code.

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I would have loved to just see Length being a constant in the EndOfLine class.

For windows with value 2 and 1 for other platforms.


in 2021r3 ?