End User Always Finds a Way

I created an invoice window, and when the user enters a payment amount, a popup menu appears with a list of payment types (Cash, Check, etc). The popup menu is triggered in the LostFocus event.

I was watching someone using the application, and they entered the payment amount and without leaving the field, clicked the SAVE button - triggering the popup menu and the save method as well.

I know you can “Return True” in certain methods which halt all code following. Can you put this type of command in the LostFocus event to force the user to select an item in the popup menu?

No, but you can have your Save code check for missing information in the window and use SetFocus to redirect the user back to where they are supposed to be rather than saving.

Dont enable the save button until there is a valid selection in the payment type ?
Avoid the error by making it not possible to make the error

OK, thanks.