Encrypted SQLite

Language reference says:
AES-256 can also be used by including the prefix “aes256:” before the rest of the encryption key.

For example using
db.EncryptionKey = "aes256:enric”

This creates an encrypted DB that can be opened by Xojo but when trying to open by DB Browser for SQLite (3.12.2) I found no way to enter the password.

Either: “enric”
or “aes256:enric”

Info for DB Browser for SQLite (that uses SQLCipher) says:

“SQLCipher only recognizes 256-bit AES”

Any idea to make Xojo and DB Browser for SQLite connect?

my workaround was a backup,
.Decrypt and edit this database and later use .Encrypt

This is not a solution to deal with my case.

There is more than one way to encrypt SQLite.

MBS Xojo SQL Plugin includes SQLite Encryption Extension support as does Xojo’s SQLiteDatabase class.

But SQL Cipher is a different way to encrypt and you can use that with our SQL Plugin by using a custom SQLite library with SQL cipher extension included.

Use SQLCipher with MBS SQL Plugin functions

Thanks Christian
Another alternative to MBS is SQLiteManager.app that it opens Xojo encrypted DBs.
I 'm looking for a no cost way.

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