Encoding for LCD Displays?

Has someone figured out what encoding to choose for a LCD display that’s driven via Paul’s GPIO module? I have already produced a nice collection of different characters but never the umlauts I wanted to show …

I don’t think it’s an encoding as much as a specific byte you’ll have to send to get a specific character from its limited character set. The Data Sheet for the LCD might help.

On that data sheet, the “European” characters follow 8859-1/WinANSI except in the control ranges (and a very badly drawn þorn), and the Japanese characters match Shift-JIS.

ah… badly drawn porn, the bane of computer programmers everywhere :wink:

on such LCD, you can make your own characters if the one in rom does not fit you
you need to read carefully the datasheet Paul gave you.

Thanks, all! After trying a ConvertEncoding with as good as every encoding available I managed to make the degreee ° show up but not the umlauts – think I’ll try a hard replaceAll with them like Paul proposed.