Enabling/Disabling Fullscreen Icon?

According to the docs, the Windows.Fullscreenbutton can only be set during design time. This explains to me why setting this property in runtime doesn’t change anything, but I am surprised the compiler doesn’t give me a warning when I programmed this line …?!

On the other hand, the Window.FullScreen property doc tells me I can set FullScreenButton to true – is this only meant in design time still or can I somehow change this?

The problem for me is I have a window where setting fullscreen while in normal mode just gives me a very wide window because I set min and max height to similar values. Only when a container control is shown fullscreen should be possible. Can I somehow communicate this to the user?

MBS Plugin has methods for this on the window, class, if I remember correctly.

An unfortunate implementation detail.

For what it’s worth, I can’t think of any application that behaves as you’re describing, with the fullscreen button conditionally present based off of the current content.

Making the fullscreen button appear or disappear at runtime can probably be done via a simple declare if necessary, though I don’t know what impact it’d have on the framework’s expectations.

Thanks, you two!