Enable sharing of xojo_binary_project files on the forum

The forum already allows uploading pictures (4MB max file size). Wouldn’t it be great if it also allowed sharing xojo project files less than 500KB?



I vote for the same upper limit: 4MB


“Files could be automatically deleted when a forum topic is closed (if you need to save storage space).”

I don’t like that. Some precious contribution can be lost.

Better forum rules and guidelines as:

  1. Posts with projects must have few lines about the project content and the project file attached. More discussions about it comes in previous or next posts.
  2. Xojo may remove the project post if its content is considered unsuitable, defective, suspicious, not useful, outdated, expired, or any other reason brought to their attention; not necessarily needing to explain why it was removed.
  3. The community may flag a project post asking for attention and possible removal. The motivation must be clear to the moderator or the flag may be ignored.
  4. In case of multiple posts about the same project, like versions, the author or the community should flag the outdated ones for removal. Again, the motivation must be clear to the moderator or the flag may be ignored.
  5. Posts getting flagged by several users (5+), may be deleted without further investigation.
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Why don’t you just .ZIP your project?

Regards, Antoine

I guess you wanted to say “Why not just ZIP the projects to be posted?”

The forum should not accept .zip files due to security reasons. People could put all sorts of unacceptable contents into the forum. In such case of need the users can store those externally, in some cloud drive or service, and put a link here.


One could make the same argument about xojo projects. Any malicious actor could write something in Xojo that deletes system files, or downloads and installs a hidden payload. Or it doesn’t even have to be malicious, a buggy project could harm a system by accident.

It could be this is the kind of thing that Xojo Inc wants to avoid by not allowing us to attach project files to the forum. But I would argue that since we tend to share project files via hosting services anyway, they still maintain moderation control over the posts and links.

And there always needs to be a big disclaimer warning users to carefully review any code they are executing on their machines.


I welcome that too.

Bots infiltrate trojans, porn, pirate apps and games and etc, packed, and sometimes hidden in some containers as zip files, into forums and web servers with security fails, and later lots of leeching starts. That’s what I’m talking about. If the forum could block uploading zip by default, and give permission later, after an account review, like those carrying an active paid license, Pro, Pro+, etc. Trusted accounts, ok.

Do you realize that if you put a link to a .zip file, all the security problem that you identify can happen?

I think that a developer should be aware and weary of such issues. That being said, I’m totally for restricting upload to registered users… (with license ?)

Regards, Antoine

As I said, depending on the engines taking care of those links, do you realize that security measures can be taken? Like checking if the initiator is previously authenticated and allowed? A bot able to create a new account would gain access to upload contents, except .zip files, because only accounts checked in the past (because they paid a license, and are verified persons) could upload zips. Only authenticated accounts (not necessarily PROs, testers, etc) could download. So bots uploads and public leeching would be blocked (if the system being used is able to take those measures I said).

That said, Zip or not, I don’t care much. But if Xojo had a project form able to pack all the necessary resources, it should be the best one.

how about sharing test project files from ide to ide, user to user?
similar to AirDrop (Apple).

Just put it on a source control website (github, bitbucket, ect) then share a link. That is an appropriate place to share full projects and it accepts binary projects as well.
Sharing through here has too many variables and is not built for handling code. Nothing is wrong with code blocks as well, not sure what entire projects on a forum contributes. Use source control.

We are not talking about full projects, just samples, examples, sometimes some class of interest or bugs on some topic. Something users don’t intend to maintain with them and makes sense on topic. Today we are forced to post screenshots and few lines, pasting and entire loadable sample would be better and faster in some cases.

The solution should be easy and fast and not stored at xojo.
Dead links are also unwanted.

Three other things:

  1. PHP docs allow user contributions, that would be useful for Xojo, too.

  2. From time to time there are Blog articles, but as far as I can see these are rarely linked to from corresponding documentation topics. They should either be so linked, or become part of the notes area of the documentation.

  3. Creating a whole Issue just for a documentation bug seems very heavy but what other mechanism is there? Used to be docs@xojo.com but I’ve not seen that recently.

You can only choose one:

  1. Easy and fast
  2. Not stored at Xojo

Great news :tada:

The forum now accepts sharing files as long as they are zipped.
Thank you @Travis_Hill & @Alyssa_Foley.

first_shared_project.xojo_binary_project.zip (5.0 KB)