Enable/Disable MenuItem

A click on a menuitem creates a dynamic window for the selected menuitem. At that time the selected menuitem is disabled. After closing the dynamic window I want to re-enable the disabled menuitem. Is there a reference to the menuitem I disabled before? How can I do that?

How are you DISABLING it? to enable should be the opposite


No problem to disable the menuitem on the click action. However, I use the same dynamic created window for different menuitems. So, when I close the dynamic window I want to re-enable the menuitem I started from.

You should enable and disable menu items in the EnableMenuItems() event.

Ok, I expected you could enable and disable the clicked menuitem only once in the parent window. In this case you can avoid to write the same code for all menuitems that make use of the same instantiated window.

App also has a EnableMenuItems() event. Enable you menu item there.