emulate iphone?

Can I emulate an iphone on windows 7 for my xojo web app so I don’t have to keep uploading it to the site to test it?


Allows you to test out your site on iPhone, Androids and tablets…

[quote=179523:@shao sean]http://iphone-emulator.org

Allows you to test out your site on iPhone, Androids and tablets…[/quote]

I just tried my site ios-fonts.com there fine, BUT the Xojo WE app at http://ios-fonts.com/cgi-bin/iosmail.cgi simply never displays :frowning:

Same punishment for other WE apps of mine. Seems that site works only for HTML…

This one works with the CGI

[quote=179552:@shao sean]http://transmog.net/iphone-simulator/
This one works with the CGI[/quote]

Superb. Thank you Shao :slight_smile:

still seems to require me to upload the project to the website. That’s what I’m trying to avoid.

There is no official Apple iPhone simulator for Windows that I know of.
The official one is part of Xcode which would require you to have a means to run Xcode on your Windows 7 machine.
I think this would violate Apples EULA’s for OS X as there’s no way to run Xcode without OS X that I know of.
And no way to run the simulator without OS X.

Now there ARE other options like the MS WebMatrix tool http://www.microsoft.com/web/webmatrix/next/?CR_CC=200106398
And it has an iPhone simulator extension
That should let you browse a site in simulated iPhone web browser

AND BEFORE ANYONE JUMPS and say “Oh but you could use that for development of iOS apps on Windows”
No - no you can’t :slight_smile:
It lets you USE the sim but you can’t install apps on it which you’d need to be able to debug from the IDE
On device debugging seems to be the best route to pursue for non-OS X platforms as writing and maintaing an entire simulator for iOS and the various API’s would be a huge task

Let me try it this way . . . I can test my web app on an ipad by entering the URL for my desktop, but I can’t do it on the iphone. Any idea what the difference is?

The desktop URL is a fully qualified name or public IP address? The only thing I can think of, is you are using a private IP and the desktop and iPad are on the same network and the iPhone is on 3G/LTE so can’t access it…

Make sure your iPhone is on the same WiFi as the iPad…

It’s on the same wifi .

If you disconnect Cell Data and keep only Wifi, you will be able to access the app on the Desktop. When your phone is using 3G/LTE, it is accessing the Internet through another IP address so it cannot access the local address on the local network.

oops . . . wrong IP address. Thanks Michel