Empty array

In one method of my project I create a 6-element single dimension integer array, which I then use successfully in the same method. However when I try to use it immediately after leaving that method I find that it is empty. Any ideas where the gremlin is hiding?

It sounds like you defined the array as a property of the window or a module, then re-dim’d it within the method. That created a second, local array that vanished as soon as the method ended.

Based on your statement… it sound like you have TWO instances of the array.
One DIMMED inside you METHOD, and one with the same name DIMMED outside your method.
If so, these are in two different scopes and do NOT relate to the same instance of data.

What you most likely need. is your ARRAY dimmed as a public instance at the MODULE level, and NOT dimmed inside the method. This will allow all methods in that module (or the entire app depending on the level you give it) to access that array.