EmedWithin / EmbedWithinPanel issues

The following command (where objctrl is reference to a dynamically created desktopcontainer etc.


Will NOT result in the same as

OptionsControl.Left = 10
OptionsControl.top = 10

The issue was that using the EmbedWithin / EmbedWithinPanel to both embed the object AND place it, was giving me weird ■■■ conclusions, but when I added the .left and .top position lines AFTER, it worked fine.

My custom dropdown control:

Displaying options (which didn’t work unless separating the LEFT / TOP from the embedwithin /embedwithinpanel command)

left and top in the constructor are in reference to the containing Control or window - i.e. they refer to objCtrl.left and objCtrl.top not optionsControl.left and optionsControl.top.