EmbedWithin Issues

When I call

WebContainer.Embedwithin Self, ..., ....

From a button that is part of a WebDialog, the coordinates of the WebContainer refer to the underlying page, not the WebDialog (which ‘self’ refers to). I suppose that’s a bug? I’ll file a feedback report as soon as I have time to do an example project - but for the time being: how can I work around this issue?

Thanks, Alex

Okay, found a workaround. Since the .Parent method gives me a NOE always anyway, I had to go the route over session.

DIM topAdjustment, leftAdjustment AS integer topAdjustment = (Session.PageAtIndex(0).Height - self.Height) / 2 leftAdjustment = (Session.PageAtIndex(0).Width - self.Width) / 2

HOWEVER, I just stumbled another bug that might be even harder to work around. When calling EmbedWithin, it doesn’t place it on top of the target (self) but rather below some controls of the target. See here:


The calendar is the mentioned container that has been embedded and should draw on top of everything else. What the ***? Any ideas?

Still not solved but found another bug. Just look at the screenshot above: The Modal dialog has a white background. It totally ignores the default value, so does it for a background color applied through a style. Any ideas?