Embedding a Font in a Web App

I am in search of a way to embed a font in my Xojo Web app, so it will give the same look & feel to any user on any platform. Matt Combatti’s posting from 2015 (https://forum.xojo.com/24509-font-embedding-utility-for-web-edition) seemed to hold the solution, but the utility is no longer available online and the links are no longer functional.

Is there an update to his posting or a new thread? Is there any chance that this functionality has been integrated in to Xojo Web (I’m using 2017R1.1)? If so, I would greatly appreciate some advice about how to make it work. Specifying the font in a WebStyle has not been 100% successful.

Thanks much - I look forward to gaining some insight about this!

No need to go for a utility. Fonts are using CSS.

See what I posted in 2016 in https://forum.xojo.com/10782-tip-embedded-woff-fonts/0

Thanks, Michel. I followed the steps in your post, but I have some more questions for you.

  • A WebStyle has an option for specifying a font… will that override the font that we specified in the PageSource control or will the PageSource definition have priority?

  • When I omitted the font from my WebStyle, the font that was displayed appeared to be some sort of default font - it was definitely not what I was expecting (or hoping) from the PageSource definition.

  • Can you explain what is meant by “font-family” in your PageSource definition. Should that be the same name as the font name?

Thanks again for your help - I greatly appreciate it.


font-family is what instructs Xojo Web to use the CSS font in the webstyle.


Thanks, Michel. I greatly appreciate you help.