Embedded Swift

I am assuming that at the present time there is absolutely no way at all to integrate a self-contained UIViewController into an “Xojo for iOS” project?

For a purely SWIFT application, I wrote (what I consider) a VERY nice color-picker control. all encased in a UIViewcontroller
and would be willing to share, if it could be used…

If you can encapsulate it in a dylib, Xojo can certainly declare into it.
I have done something similar with AppLanga (a localization service) where calling a specific function displayed a UIView (a screenshot menu).

There might be limitations as to adding a view controller in the view hierarchy.

Could you share screenshots of the color picker ?

here is a picture from the iOS Simulator.
The layout and all the basic UI work was done by my RAPID app… then I added all the logic to tie the events together