Embedded help


Please can I have recommendations of how people embed help in there Mac / Windows apps. I have seen a number of plugins but am wondering what people think of them or other ways to do it.


Well, you can load website (or local copy of it) into a HTMLViewer in a help window, just like Xojo does it.

I am quite sure that you will gett tons of different help clues…

On a project, I have an HTMLViewer * that display help as html and images pages.

In a far more recent project, I had to add what I call reminders (help windows in reality). Here’s a screen shot. Notice the i button that display an help for using this window (I wrote all, but after time, I started to gorget how the f**k this works !).


The empty area (TextField or Label ?), there is another help (text is displayed when the Mouse is above an object in this window).