embedded graphics

Dear Forum,

I wrote a litte app which does does some image editing, using an embedded template image file.
For that purpose, I dropped a “matrix.jpg” file in a project folder. I then reference this Graphics as “matrix”

When I build the app, the template image “matrix.jpg” is stored in a folder called “appname Resources”.
In the window1 open event, I placed the following code:

Dim w As Integer = Matrix_3x3.width
MsgBox "Template width: " + Str(w)

Running this app under OS X works as expected.
When trying to run my app on the raspberry, it crashes:

“An exception of class NilObjectException was
not handled. The application must shut down.”

Any ideas?

Did you copy the resources folder and its contents to the pi as well?

Otherwise I’d guess that the pi can’t load the image for some reason.

No - should I?

Just kidding - yes, off course… :wink:

You might also try a PNG file. It could be that the pi doesn’t allow jpg files for licensing reasons.

[quote=319476:@Heinz-Jürgen Groß]No - should I?

Just kidding - yes, off course… ;-)[/quote]
You’d be surprised…

Does the picture in the resources directory load if you double click on it?