Embed html control with animations to desktop app?

Hi, I was just wondering that as I happen to have a pretty good collection of html5 animated controls and buttons and stuff from days I designed websites, would it be hypotetically possible to use them in xojo as custom buttons and gauges, indicators etc directly embedding the html5 code to the app? Would be great as the buttons have animations and etc for press, would make app look much cooler that way. :slight_smile:

Or if there is a reasonably priced plugin for this, I’m interested! :stuck_out_tongue:

This could be done with the HTMLViewer. A few of my products currently embed web components in desktop apps in this manner. The communication is a bit sticky once you start working with moderate amounts of data, but for something like a button it would be a breeze. You basically create a page with your button then load that in to the HTMLViewer. Using JavaScript you’ll detect interactions with your component, then you can change the document.title to notify your Xojo code in TitleChanged event.

I do believe that one thing to keep in mind is the amount of overhead you’re attaching to your button control. Anything that can be done with HTML+CSS can be done with Xojo code. It may not be as easy to do but it’ll likely be load faster, have less overhead (no HTMLViewer in the middle), and work as expected almost universally (the different rendering engines can be a major pain).