Email and Error 102

I am getting error 102 when I email from a web app in Xojo. Did not get this when using RealStudio. The email goes through. The docs say:

This code means that you lost your connection.
You will get this error if the remote side disconnects (whether its forcibly- by pulling their ethernet cable out of the computer), or gracefully (by calling SocketCore’s Close method). This may or not be a true error situation. If the remote side closed the connection, then it is not truly an error; it’s just a status indication. But if they pulled the ethernet cable out of the computer, then it really is an error; but the results are the same. The connection was lost. You will also get this error if you call the Disconnect method of TCPSocket.

Would it be safe to ignore this, or should I do something different?


Usually it is safe to ignore, but only if you got the MessageSent and MailSent events first.


Thanks. I’ll be sure I’m checking for those events, and I’m done.