ElastiControls v1.7

ElastiControls v1.7
Visit Xojo Developer’s Spot for complete details or to purchase a license to use the classes in stand-alone applications - http://www.xojodevspot.com

Try-Before-You-Decide-To-Buy Demo: http://www.xojodevspot.com/demos/ElastiControls-Demo.zip

What is ElastiControls?
ElastiControls was developed as part of the original XTeTiC package and allows controls to automatically resize in proportion to the window on which they reside. The classes were developed in response to Pariahware no longer maintaining the “Elastic Windows” classes. ElastiControls supports ALL native and custom controls and ContainerControls with or without child controls. At a fraction the price of the original Elastic Windows classes, ElastiControls has been separated from the XTeTiC package to provide developers a cheap, just-as-efficient, replacement to the no-longer-supported Elastic Windows classes.

Why Use ElastiControls?
There are a number of reasons why ElastiControls should be used:

Making your application more user-friendly for the visually impaired, or for those whose eyesight is weakening with age.
Full-screen kiosk applications.
Your window has been designed with a certain resolution in mind, yet should maintain its look and feel at any resolution.
Avoid having to manually adjust controls and text size.
How Does ElastiControls Work?
Using ElastiControls is literally a 3-step, one-line of code setup process, that can take under a minute to integrate into any project!
Drop an instance of ElastiControls on a window or within a ContainerControl, initialize the class in the window/ContainerControl’s Open event, and invoke the Resize() method in the window/ContainerControl’s Resizing/Resized event. Nothing more is needed!

***ElastiControls for Web Edition, will be included with this license, as an update, when the classes are stable.
The license entitles one developer (team license available upon request) the full-source (un-encrypted) of the ElastiControls classes. The classes can be used in an unlimited number of applications by the license holder, royalty free. Should you encounter a bug, or need something included, help is only a message away. Lifetime updates. Code is instantly sent to your email via PayPal. A single developer life-time license is $50.00.