El Capitan, issues with NSToolbarMBS

I’m making use of MBS plugins to build a toolbar on OSX. Since update to OSX 10.11 El Capitan, I noticed that the toolbar elements are no longer responsive, once one has opened the “customize toolbar” window from its context menu.

I have not yet searched for a workaround, and I’m just wondering if anybody has noticed a similar thing?

I can confirm this. If the user edit the toolbar, everything is numb. A restart helps.

EDIT: check the Mail app, and it works fine after editing the toolbar.

Maybe Christian can take a look at it?

maybe just another issue in 32-bit where Apple has no intend to fix it?

Did a quick test: Happens too when compiling to 64bit.

I made a test with the example project, which comes with the MBS plugins: Toolbar buttons.xojo_binary_project.

I built it for 32bit with the latest beta of Xojo and there I can’t reproduce the issue. So there is hope - I will now search whether I can find the difference between the example project and my own implementation of CustomNSToolbarMBS.