Einhugur TreeView Dark Mode Images


I’m trying to assign both a light and dark mode image to a TreeViewNode in Einhugur’s TreeView control.

The docs say there are several constructors for a TreeNode. One of them has three parameters (text and two images). The first image is supposed to be the light mode image and the second is the dark mode image.

However when I switch between light and dark mode the icon for the node is always the light mode one.

Could this be a bug? I’m using 9.2.4 and Xojo 2022r1 on macOS.

I’m using image sets not pictures if that makes a difference.

Hello Garry

It looks like there is something wrong, I am looking into it.

(At least it did not switch for me when I expected it to switch)

Great. Thanks @Björn_Eiríksson. I shall leave it in your very capable hands.

Here is build:

Its just quick and dirty build, it has not even updated version number.

I will have official build out soon-ish. But this one should fix it for you for now.


Thanks @Björn_Eiríksson. Seems to work great now. I appreciate the rapid fix!


This is not a rapid, fix but a blazzingly fast one, less than 24h. ! And thx for bumping into it was thinking doing the same :wink: