Einhugur Plugin releases

We have been very active for the past months updating on the alpha and beta lists of Xojo to make sure we would have as much of plugins as we could on day one of the Xojo 2015r3 release for our users.

In the coming days we will be packaging plugins that are 100% ready and displaying them on our web with pictures, manuals and everything.

Link for officially published plugins (full versions) for Xojo 2015r3 with 64bit and ARM (Raspberry PI support)


Link for officially published plugins (demo versions) for Xojo 2015r3 with 64bit and ARM (Raspberry PI support)


In the mean time for plugins not posted already as official we would like to invite you to our cloud drive to grab a copy of them in current state so you can start developing for 64bit and Raspberry PI. Note that most of them are in ready release state already.

Link for unreleased plugins in ready or near ready state with 64 bit and ARM (Raspberry PI support):

See more info for 64bit and Raspberry PI plugin releases on our web at http://www.einhugur.com

Hi Björn, sorry for my question: Are these the same you’ve already posted in beta group couple of days before?

Most of them will be the same. What I do is I do final verification if there are known bugs, or release notes tweaks and such, then update them on the web and move them to the new location.

Those 3 that have been packaged so had no changes from last release on the beta list. But depending on when you took yours on the Beta list then it might be updated from that time, since while on the Beta list many of them changed many times. So to be sure its probably safest to grab the official released one.

TreeView Plugin 6.5 has been released.

New in 6.5:

Added 64 bit compile support for Mac target.
Added 64 bit compile support for Windows target.
Added 64 bit compile support for Linux target.
Added ARM compile support for Linux target.
Added another variation of the RemoveNode method.

The TreeView is a Xojo control plugin to create tree views. The TreeView will run with native theme rendering look and feel on all platforms.

more info at www.einhugur.com

Grids. We need Grids.

It’s been over THREE years - isn’t it time to update the Grids so we can use them with Xojo, not just REALstudio?



@Markus: I’ve been asking for Retina longer than 3 years.

My Wishlist for the Grid

  1. Reorder Column / Row
  2. Freeze Column
  3. Show or Hide Column / Row
  4. Insert controls to Cell
  5. Merge Cell
  • 1

Able to manage records from database
Insert arithmetic functions in cells

As has been listed many times then the Grids are 17 years old, made for Pre-OS X, thus OS 9 and such. They are not going to port to Retina or 64 bit in their current form. Nor will they work on Cairo on Linux. Xojo update is not to be expected of them in their current form.

I would like to work on new grid control but it will almost certainly not be StyleGrid or DataGrid as there is no reason to drag along with development decisions that were made in favour of OS 9 and what applied then.

With that said then making of new Grids will not be touched while we are still updating other things for 64 bit that actually can be updated and is not at end of road.

Posting this over and over again is not going change the reality of that we have OS 9 design under them. Had we for example tried to do something a year ago to make them work with Xojo then they would just be at end of road today instead with the coming of the 64 bit

Sorry, but this is nonsense. The grids should have been rewritten from the ground up for Xojo three years ago. Nobody cares that they were originally written for OS 9, what people care about and want are powerful grids for today’s systems and IDE.

And your last sentence makes no sense at all.

Come on Björn, you are a talented programmer (certainly much more talented than me), and you can do better than this.

I would not say that Björn talks nonsense when he says that we cannot expect to get a 17 year old plugin updated for new architectures.
I vote for continued porting of current plugins and highly appreciate that Björn is thinking about making a new and better Grid like plugin.

-1 for old Grid
+1 for new Grid, once the current plugins work on 64Bit like they do on 32Bit today.


No, I have to agree with Markus. The work should have started years ago. If Björn still hasn’t even started his work for a new grid control it’s time - at least for me - to search for something that is working today and not perhaps in a year.

You’ve done an excellent work to upgrade other controls to x64. I wish You could put time to create a new grid control rather then using the time for Raspberry. After all, at present it’s not a production platform.

Nobody expects him to use 17 year old technologies for an updated grid - THAT’S why what he says is nonsense.

Btw I came across several postings where people had to rip out the Einhugur grids and replace them so that they could use and compile with the current Xojo. That’s a direct consequence of Einhugur’s failure to update and modernize the plugins they offer, and should never have to happen unless it is due to circumstances beyond the plugin makers control (like Apple ditching QuickTime).

Don’t know about StyleGrid but the DataGrid works with the current Xojo version on the Mac. I just got customers complaining - or even not buying - because this is the only component that is not Retina.

Its not quite fair discussion, Xojo Plugin market is such tiny market that its not viable for anything more than small time hobby business. This market has not grown either over the years. On top of that we sit with very immature SDK as far as controls go, then in particularly embedding issues. The time cost of building new Grid controls for all platforms is enormous and had we gone into doing that last year for example then our door would be closed now and completely out of business, thus no 64bit of anything and no further updates of anything. One has to put the little resources there are on bets that can sub-stain it and keep things alive.

Of course its not taken lightly that the grid controls are out for now and it does hurt, but its still much better option than to bet everything on them, not keep the other things that are in good shape up to date and have to close down.

Some fair points (and I can sympathise as I spend on average three full days on an xDev article and get $50 for it), but how do you expect it to grow when the most important control says “not for Xojo”? Even for a hobby business three years is a long time, and there are (free) alternatives for most of the other controls (like calendar, source list, etc; some are even included in the examples).

Not that there is any guarantee that it will grow, but seeing no development on your major product does not entice customers.

“Most important one” is relative to each user. And to bet everything just on that one would take the most important one from many other users.

But as said before then I am hoping for calm seas where we can put time into it. But knowing Xojo, MacOS and all that then there is no guaranty of getting calm seas. It is often constant migration for something, New OS, new Xojo, etc.

And there are free alternatives for grids as well, each control has its users behind them, and usually free counterparts as well.