Einhugur Plugin Releases (2023)

(New thread for 2023 releases)


Einhugur Barcode Plugin 5.0 for Xojo and GraphicsFormats plugin for Xojo version 10.0.2 for are out

New in Barcode Plugin 5.0

  • Added Linux Arm64 build.

BarcodePlugin is a Xojo plugin that adds ability to detect Barcodes and QRCodes in Xojo applications. The plugin also has QRCode and Barcode generator that can generate QRCode as bitmaps, direct draw them into PDF as vectors or save as vector SVG files.


New in GraphicsFormats 10.0.2:

  • Fixed issue on Linux Arm64 in Arm 64 Neon acceleration module for PNGImporter and PNGExporter.

GraphicsFormats supports:
PNG: 8 bit per channel, RGB or Gray, 16 bit per channel RGB or Gray, ICC Color profiles, alpha channels. File IO, String IO.
JPEG: 8 bit per channel, RGB or Gray, CMYK, ICC Color profiles. . File IO, String IO.
TIFF: 8 bit per channel, RGB or Gray, 16 bit per channel RGB or Gray, 8 bit per channel CMYK, 16 bit per channel CMYK, ICC Color profiles, alpha channels. . File IO, String IO.
TGA: 8 bit per channel, RGB, Alpha channels. . File IO, String IO.
HDR: RGBe ‚Üí Which can be delivered in RGB 8 bits per channel, RGB 16 bits per channel or 32 bit per channel RGBf (float), File IO, String IO.
ICO: Mulitiple images within ICO file, File IO, String IO.
WebP: Lossy and Lossless codec, Alpha channels and no Alpha channels.
BMP: Can read all bit depts, and can read BMP’s with color palettes. Can read and write BMP’s with alpha channels (even if most programs do not support the Alpha channels for BMP)
GIF: Can read still and animated GIF’s. (writing not yet supported).

The RawBitmaps used in the GraphicsFormats plugin then can be used seamlessly with the Einhugur PictureEffectsRaw plugin for ImageProcessing, our PDF plugin for attaching images to your PDF documents, our ExcelWriter plugin and our Color Management Plugin.

More info at www.einhugur.com

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SearchControl plugin for Xojo version 5.0 and Einhugur JSON II Serialization Framework 2.0 for Xojo are out

The SearchControl is a Xojo plugin control to represent search user interface functionality.

New in version 5.0:

  • Added Linux Arm 64 compile.
  • Added dark mode support on Linux systems.
  • Added AllowFocusRing property.
  • Fixed issue on some Linux system where strange unwanted ghost control was drawn at top of the screen.
  • Fixed segmentation fault crash when having menu on the control on Linux systems when using new style Desktop version of the control.

SearchControl dark mode on Windows 10, SearchControl dark mode focused on Windows 10.
SearchControl dark mode on Windows 11, SearchControl dark mode focused on Windows 11.

The Einhugur JSON II Serialization Framework 2.0 is fork of our former Einhugur Serialization Framework but it was decided to split it up and have Xml and JSON separated to make the update process smoother. (Its XML counter part came out last year).

The Einhugur Serialization Framework for Xojo is to serialise complex class structures with just 2 lines of code without adding any code to your classes.
(You can add attributes to your class properties to fine tune the serialisation but it is not required)

New in version 2.0:

  • Split the Serialisation framework into smaller parts so the JSON II serialisation is separate now.
  • Added support for serialising Variant.
  • Added support for serialising VariantArray.
  • Added support for serialising Dictionary.
  • Fixed critical error when de-serializing.
  • De-serializing now also supports dates without time components.
  • Added SerializeIgnoreIfEmpty attribute.

More info at www.einhugur.com


Einhugur CustomButton Plugin for Xojo has been updated to version 4.1

New in version 4.1:

  • Added support for Linux Dark mode. (Xojo 2022r4 or later).

The CustomButton plugin is a plugin to create Custom rendered coloured buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons and switches for all desktop platforms.





More info at https://www.einhugur.com

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TimeControl 9.0 for Xojo is out.

The Control is displayed according to control panel time settings, or in exclusive 24 hour mode. The control uses Native Windows control on Windows systems and native Theme Rendering on MacOS X and Linux systems.

New in version 9.0:

  • Added Linux Arm 64 build.
  • Added Dark mode support for Linux.

More info at www.einhugur.com


Einhugur Word Plugin for Xojo version 2.1 is out

Word plugin is a Xojo plugin that enables you to create, read, write and edit Word docx files from Xojo code.

The plugin can:

  • Create new Word documents.
  • Read and write paragraphs and runs from Word documents.
  • Read and write tables in word documents. (Very basic writing).
  • Read and write nested tables and nested paragraphs in word documents. (Very basic table formatting).
  • Read and write document info in Word document.
  • Read and write pictures (jpg and png) from Word document.
  • Read SVG pictures from Word document (currently read only).
  • Read and write headers.
  • Read and write footers.
  • Read and write basic bullets and numbering setup on paragraphs.
  • Supports easy fill into form template feature.

Hello World word document generated with the plugin.


List indents using bullets and numbering.

Plugin is supported on:

  • macOS Intel (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • macOS Apple Silicon
  • Windows (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Windows ARM (64 bit)
  • Linux (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Linux ARM(32 bit and 64 bit)
  • iOS

New in version 2.1:

  • Added ColumnWidth setter and getter methods to the Table class.
  • Added SetTableWidth method on the Table class.
  • Added WidthMode read only property to the Table class.
  • Added TableWidth function to the Table class.
  • Added TableWidthModes enum to the EinhugurWord module.
  • Added RepeatAsHeaderRow property to the TableRow class.
  • Added AltTextTitle property to the Table class.
  • Added AltTextDescription property to the Table class.
  • Added AltTextDescription property to the Drawing class.

More info at www.einhugur.com
(And the plugin is also available on our One drive big download link at Einhugur Software - Download all plugins / current versions for given version of Xojo.)