Einhugur DateControl and TimeControl to fast?

The date and time control from Einhugur have “up/down arrows”. When I use this arrows by clicking on time up or down the value doesn’t change constant in a step of one, it often does steps of two. My users have to click very fast to increase/decrease the value in steps of one. On Mavericks I haven’t seen this, but on El Capitain it is obvious.

Has someone else experienced the same issue? How have you solved it?

We are decreasing the speed for the first spin while button is held down.

DateControl should be out before or at the weekend, and TimeControl will follow soon after it.

Is now on our web DateControl 5.6 where the first spin after click is slowed. (The TimeControl will be targeted in same way)


for the great and fast support !!!

The DateControl works perfectly now when using an USB mouse under El Capitan on my MacBook Pro.

And the TimeControl 5.6 now on our web also where the first spin after click is slowed.