Einhugur Cube

Has anyone used the Einhugur PictureEffectsRaw plugin to design a picture of a 3D cube?

I have created a Xojo desktop app Container that builds a 3D-looking cube using the Einhugur PictureEffects Shape Distortion routines rather than the Xojo3D.com OpenGL routines.

It builds a Canvas with three Einhugur Surface Distortion polygons, given any passed Picture. Obviously it is not a ‘real’ 3D cube, but an image that can be saved as a PNG or called as a Picture. By default the container is 1024x1024, but it can be resize to any size dynamically.

The front of the cube is unshaded, but I make the top cube face a bit shaded and the left cube face very shaded, adding to the 3D lighting look. I used the MBS picture plugins to shade the picture before I distorted them.

The process is very fast and high resolution. It also works with macOS/Windows/Linux in 32/64-bit and is well supported via Einhugur.com.

Please inform me if you want a copy.

I’m curious and would appreciate a copy.

You can download the project from here.

Thanks, will do :wink:

what version of Einhugur PictureEffectsRaw plugin did u used?? i try it on PictureEffectsRaw 3.6 and the your sample project compile with error

It should be the latest PictureEffectsRaw v4.0, mine is dated 29/4/2018. Here is a copy of the working app for macOS, Windows and Linux, but it will give the usual MBS plugin errors.