Effects of class placement?

Hello all,

I have an app that uses a single class for each database table. Within the app, there are at least one module (some apps have more than one). The classes are used both within the module and outside the module - but always, the reference has to include the ModuleName. to create the property or New instance of the class similar to this:
Property Class As ModuleName.clsClassName
Class = New ModuleName.clsClassName

What I have noticed is that the dot (.) notation/intellisense does not always work - appearing to have something to do with some sort of scope within the IDE during design time. However compiled or run time works just fine.

My question is, does it matter where in the app that the class file itself resides - not where it is instantiated - only where it resides within the App/IDE???

I hope I have been at least semi-clear with this. I would appreciate your feedback!
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No, it does not matter where the class is declared as long as you have scope access to it.

Autocomplete has gotten some love for 2014r1.

Maybe I’m misreading your description, but you can’t access a class as Module.Class unless that class is actually within the module.

Thanks guys.
@Kem I would like to eliminate the “Module.” part - so intellisense works and to reduce the length of commands, as well as improve clarity. What I am unsure about, is if the db table class objects MUST be in the Module, or if they can simply be in a folder as part of the main project, and not within the Module itself.

The Property for each db cls object would be created within the Module or other class within the module, as well as the new reference.

So in short, I am wanting to store the classes themselves in their own folder within the project outside of the module.

Does that description make more sense?

Thanks again guys,