editor snippets

Hi Guys,

When writing code we are always trying to avoid duplicated code.
But repetitive code is always needed…

Example: property pointing to a parent object you want to convert to a weakref…
I use computed property like :

If mDbController<>Nil then 
  If mDbController.Value<>Nil Then 
    Return mdcApp.AppDbController(mDbController.Value)
    Return Nil
  End If
  Return Nil
End If

Without starting a discussion about the code it self or my laziness, my question is : What kind of editor snippet tool do you guys using to make life easier?? (as Xojo IDE don’t have this feature)

I have tried to use a Corsair keyboard with macro keys, Although it’s a great keyboard and you can put text under a macro key… Xojo IDE can’t keep up the speed of typing of this keyboard :frowning:

So I missing text, and with corsair you can’t define variables to fil in when putting the snipppet in place.

I can write my own snippet editor … but it can’t be the case that I’m the only one that is looking for this kind of tool…
So are we all looking for a good snippet editor or has somebody found it already (and is willing to share) ??

By the way, I’m using windows (so no mac only solutions needed :wink: )

Thanx for the help …

Qsnipps for me, works with many languages also and full syntax highlighting. qsnipps2

Keyboard Maestro and Quiver

+1 for KM. Also, Dash has an excellent snippet manager with quick and simple macro editing and triggering.

Oops. just saw you wanted Windows only. Sorry. Will leave post for posterity :wink:

I prefer Evernote, even without syntax highlighting, which would be arbitrary in the transition phase with API 1 and API 2 anyway.
Benefit of Evernote is that I have everything, in fact my whole life, at the hand on every device I own, and second, not inconsiderable, the fact that I can add graphics, notes and files to each note. Indexing of text and within files works great and
last but not least, I can simply share named chapters and and notes with fellow developers and visa versa, which enables teamwork and building a shared library.