Editor field or memo field?

I just downloaded xojo to try it out before purchasing it and to test it out I was going to try creating a program that I originally wrote in Purebasic. Looking at the library I see text fields and such however, the program I want to do has what Purebasic calls an EditorGadget or a Memo field in dBase. I do not see anything like that in the library. What would I use for this purpose?


It would be helpful to know what these fields need to do.

As far as I remember from Access the MemoField can show lots of text. The Xojo equivalent is a TextArea.

Yes, the field needs to display a number of paragraphs of text that is pulled from a database.
I’ll try the TextArea and see if that works. I am assuming that I can add a scroll bar if needed?

Thanks for the help.

EditorGadget is a TextArea and StringGadget is a TextField

Yes you can
Xojo TextArea

Look in the properties for HasHorizontalScrollbar and HasVerticalScrollbar

Perfect! Thanks folks. Very much appreciated.

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One more question. How do you bold text? I don’t see anything in the inspector for that?

Look into the link I posted and in properties you will see Bold :grin:

Found it… Thanks.