Editing weblistbox header in Xojo

I have a wide weblistbox with 10 headers set in the IDE. With RS, I could edit them in place. With Xojo, I get a small pop up (“Set ListboxX Contents”) in which to edit the header or add lines. However, it is so narrow and the tab behaviour so bizarre that I end up editing the wrong header cell or accidentally adding a line to the listbox.

I know I could set them in code, but is there a reliable way to edit them in the IDE?

Click the edit icon (pencil) then click on the column header twice.

Ok, I think I see the issue. The problem is when there is a variable width cell (*). Please test this:

  1. Place a weblistbox on the window
  2. Set the column count to 10
  3. Set the column widths to “100,100,100,100,100,*,100,100,100,100” - note the variable width in the middle
  4. Now try editing the header cells. What is shown is not what is edited when you click on the header cell.

I see what you mean, and it is a bug that should be reported. You can set the column headings before setting the widths though.