Edit the FileTypes Role

Where is the dialog in Xojo 2013r2 which allows me to edit the role of my FileTypes? The LR says: “…App object’s Properties pane, click the “…” button to open a dialog box in which you can edit this list.” Now if I just knew WTF is the App Object’s Properties Pane, I’d be in good shape.

Under Build Settings choose OSX, you should then see a File Types option in the properties pane with the Choose… option. Click it and a dialog should appear showing your filetypes and their role. The Role value can be edited in this dialog. There may be another way to accomplish this but this is the one that came to mind reading your question.

The “Build Settings” section of the “UserGUide-Fundamentals.pdf”, covers this. The Role section appears on page 159 in my copy of this PDF. Hope this helps!!

Thanks, Harrie. I had forgotten this was an OSX issue and so was expecting it to be under “Shared”.