Edit a Cell of a ListBox misunderstandings

I Have the following code in a ListBox.

Double Click Event:

LB.CellType(Me.ListIndex, 1) = ListBox.TypeEditable

KeyDown Event:

If Key = Chr(4) Or Key = Chr(13) Then // Set Column(1) as Editable LB.CellType(Me.ListIndex, 1) = ListBox.TypeEditable End If

A double click edit the clicked cell while Return does not…

What’s wrong ?

you may set the whole column to be editable in open event of listbox.

later in your events, you call ListBox.EditCell method.


Thank you Christian.

Today may not be a good day (for me) to code. ;-:slight_smile:

Works fine now (even a double click is now faster (I changed that too).