EddiesElectronic demo cannot be opened in mobile

**in Iphone or Android Celullar display The Eddie’s Electronic Xojo Web **
demo app is not suported for browser windows this small

this did not happen with the previous version

Hi @Alfredo_Pena

The mobile version of the Eddie’s Electronics Example project is still in the works, so it’s normal that the Desktop layout doesn’t fit that well on the small mobile devices screen.

It has now been updated to support mobile browser sizes.

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where can we download eddies?

The download itself is not yet available. We will post a message on the forum once it is.

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Hello Mr. Perlman,
several users here in the forum have already asked for the EE demo webapp (desktop e mobile).
the reasons are obvious and relevant.
the fact that it is still unavailable is really frustrating.
thank you in advance if you will solve it as soon as possible.

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There are some critical bugs with WebUIControl location and sizing, which gave me great trouble trying to make a responsive design for mobile, I wonder if Xojo is having those same issues? Hopefully being worked on for a future version of Xojo.

Edit: I posted these before, but the thread got hijacked by people arguing about Android…

Some examples of the bugs:

These two bugs in conjunction are killer, as they basically prevent me from writing a Responsive design WebPage: size/location changes to controls are lost if you update the control’s content, and you can’t work around these by direct CSS manipulation either.