Eddies Electronics: Super Class BasePushButton

I’m going through Eddies Electronics and all the buttons are based off of a super class called BasePushButton. I’ve searched for BasePushButton and can’t find it anywhere, not in docs or on web. If I just put a cancel button on the window its super is PushButton. So where did BasePushButton come from?

You can find it in ‘User Interface’ folder -> ‘Controls’ folder -> BasePushButton

Why doesn’t the ide find, find it?

Turns out the find does find it. It is at the end of the list and is marked BasePushButton.Name

That’s right, is the last one of the list.

Thanks Alberto. Do you know of a video or article that illustrates why an app is built the way it is. In Eddies Electronics it seems that we created a super class based on pushbutton so that we could create a method to cope with a Linux issue. On the other hand we have OrdersDatabase being set up as a class again because it gives us a place to gather all our database methods. It would be helpful to find out the reason these choices are being made.

So far I’m getting the feeling that the more I understand classes the easier this will become.

Here are several videos: http://developer.xojo.com/videos

There are others on Xojo’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/goxojo

Edit: in a few hours you can see a live webinar, Database Development with Xojo: https://www.xojo.com/resources/webinar.php