what’s the secret to use EasyTcpSocket?

My work is to send from a local PC to a remote PC in the same LAN, a command to make an action.
But my test no send any data to the remote PC.

What is the secret?

I have two desktop App with Easy TCP Socket
First into the local PC and the last into the remote PC.

I set The socket with the Address the TCP IP address of the machine wich the app must to send or receive data
And use the port 58080 (and tested any other).

The receiver Socket have event Handler set to received message
the sender Socket use the method TCPS.sendmessage.

But do not work.
Can ayone help me?
Thank You very much

TCP. One side needs a Listener (could be a ServerSocket) and the other (client) side needs to make a connection.

If both use EasyTCPSocket it should work once they are connected.

Check to see if the Connected event fires frist.

I do not find a solution …

the connected event fires?